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Speed Training



Anthony Prior
Playing Experience:
. Calgary Stampeders; 2000-2003 (Grey Cup 2001)
BC Lions; 2002
. Oakland Raiders; 1998
Minnesota Vikings; 1996-1997
New York Jets; 1992-1995
Washington State 1987-1991

Master Sprinter - 2011 Fastest Indoor 60 meters by 40-yr old in the World.
. Washington State's fastest player ever: 4.21 sec. in 40 yard dash
. Ocean Speed Camp

James Noble
Playing Experience:
Cal Poly SLO 05-09 (RB)
      . Walter Payton Award Nominee
      . ‘08 All-Great West Conference 1st Team
      . '05 Great West Conference Co-Offensive POY

 American Sport and Fitness Association (Personal Trainer)
. American Sport and Fitness Association (Speed and Strength Trainer)
. . 
Nathan Stone
Playing Experience:
. Inland Empire Enforcers 09-Present (Semi-Pro/National Police League)
. Barstow Riffians 07-09 (Semi-Pro)
. High Desert 49ers 06 (California Football League/Patti LaBelle League)
  - Leading Rusher in the Western States two years straight
. Barstow High School 01-05

Fast guys make things happen.  The faster, the better.

Our fast guys are Anthony Prior, one of the fastest men in the world, James Noble, a nationally-certified trainer, and his assistant, Nathan Stone. 

They know that speed and quickness are achieved by properly conditioning a player's fast-twitch muscle fibers. These are the specific fibers in our muscles that are responsible for speed and quickness.

To this end, they have developed a remarkable and innovative exercise program that specifically targets the fast twitch muscle fibers to do 2 things:

     1.  Condition your muscles to contract with amazing speed and quickness, and
2.  Develop 'muscle memory' in your neuro pathways so your reactions are automatic and instinctive.

And they do this in a safe, simple and easy to follow routine that anyone can do, practically anywhere, and anytime in just a few dedicated minutes a day.

Using the CSI program, your players will breakthrough their speed barriers like never before, explode past their competition, and ignite your whole team. 

Because fast-twitch muscle fibers respond to conditioning much faster and easier than slow-twitch fibers -- those responsible for strength -- your players will feel quicker and faster and sprint with astonishing speed in just a few days.

Increased speed + improved endurance = a formula for success.  Let Coaches Noble and Stone come in and analyze your needs and design a year-round speed training  program that can maximize your time, your resources, and your facility constraints.  The result is that you will see a dramatic improvement in your players' performance and an even more dramatic rise in their confidence.  

An hour with these guys could be the best hour of training they ever do.


"If you think what you did yesterday was great, then you haven't done anything today."
Lou Holtz, HOF College Coach and Motivational Speaker 

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