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Motivational Speakers


From minimum-wage janitor to millionaire business owner is one speaker's story of determination and perseverance.  From bug-sprayer to Mixed Martial Arts fighter is another. 


Plus we have our NFL pros whose individual stories of discipline and dedication can motivate your young athletes and cheerleaders to hold fast to their dreams, whatever they may be.  Or, they can be inspired to even dare to dream.

Our speakers have walked the walk and are happy to share their experiences to a mixed forum of parents and kids, or girls and boys, or exclusively to the attendees of a football camp or cheer clinic.  Your choice.


We provide motivational speakers for one reason: to make a difference.   We believe in the words of the late, great President, John F. Kennedy, whose sentiment rings more true today than ever: "We need men and women who can dream of things that never were."


Such men and women are boys and girls today.  Our belief in them is a belief in tomorrow. 

"Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I'll show you someone who has overcome adversity."
Lou Holtz, HC, University of Notre Dame (1986-1996)


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