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Though our staff comes from varied backgrounds and levels of experience, we have one goal in mind: to improve your program.  We do that in a variety of innovative and fundamentally-sound ways, either on the field, in a gym, or in a classroom.  Where we teach makes no difference, but what we teach does - to your youth, your parents, and your coaches.   A positive difference.

All of our instructors have undergone and cleared background checks conducted by the Barstow (CA) Police Department.

James Noble
Specialty: Speed/Strength Trainer l Personal Trainer l RBs 
Playing Experience: Cal Poly SLO 05-09 (RB)
                            . Walter Payton Award Nominee
                            . ‘08 All-Great West Conference 1st Team
                            . '05 Great West Conference Co-Offensive POY
Certification: American Sport and Fitness Association (Personal Trainer)
                   American Sport and Fitness Association (Speed and Strength Trainer)

Doug South
Specialty: DB l LB l DL 
Playing Experience: Rio Hondo College (DB)          
Coaching Experience: Rio Hondo College (DB)
                               Whittier College (DB)
                               Silver Valley HS (Head Coach)
                               Skyline HS (Nampha, Idaho - Head Coach)
                               Lucerne Valley HS (Head Coach)
                               Rosamond HS (Head Coach)
                               Guest Speaker, Glazier Clinics 

Dionicio “Junior” Monarrez
Specialty: OL/DL l QB l RB l DB 
Playing Experience: Cerritos College (DT)
                            University of Nebraska (DT)          
Coaching Experience: Southwestern College (DL)
                               Idaho University (DL)
                               Chaffey College (DC)
                               Barstow HS (Head Coach)
                               Concordia University (DL)

Tom Maher

Specialty: QBs
Playing Experience: Pasadena City College (TE)
                            Cal State, Los Angeles (TE)
Coaching Experience:
 Fullerton Junior College (QB)
                               Pasadena City College (Head Coach)

John “Tex” Williams
Specialty: QBs l RBs l DBs l LBs l OL/DL
Coaching Experience: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp (Annual Volunteer)
                               Barstow Riffians (Semi-Pro) (Head Coach)
                               UCLA (Football Imtern) 
                               Victor Valley Junior College (OL)
                               Barstow HS (Varsity OC - Head Coach JV)
                               Silver Valley HS (Varsity OC)  
                               Barstow Aztecs (Head Coach - Youth Football)

Jose Rubio
Specialty: QBs l RBs l LBs l OL/DL l Strength Training
Coaching Experience: Barstow HS (current Head Coach)
                               Barstow HS (Head Coach - Frosh)
                               Barstow HS (Varsity DC)
                               Barstow Aztecs (Head Coach - Youth Football)

Nathaniel Stone
Specialty: RBs l LB l DL                       
Coaching Experience: Barstow Riffians (RBs)
                               Barstow Aztecs (Head Coach - Youth Football)
John Garner               
Specialty: OL/DL                    
Coaching Experience: Mojave HS (OL/DL)
                               Barstow HS (OL/DL)
                               Silver Valley HS (OL/DL)
                               Blackwood (NJ) Youth Football Program (OL)
                               Heidelberg (Germany) Dependent Youth Association (Head Coach/OC, Heidlelberg Middle School)

Tony Scott
Specialty: TE l WR
Playing Experience: Fullerton Junior College (TE/WR)
                            Tarleton State University (TE/WR)
Coaching Experience: 
Barstow Riffiians (current Semi-Pro - TE/WR)
Mike Ortalli
Specialty: OL/DL l Strength Training
Playing Experience: Mt San Jacinto College (Center - All-Foothill Conference)
Coaching Experience: 
Rowland HS (current Head Coach/OC, Frosh)
                               Rowland HS (Varsity OL/DL)
                               San Jacinto HS (Varsity OL/DL)
Ray Silva

Specialty: OL/DL          
Coaching Experience: Barstow HS (Varsity DC)
                               Barstow HS (Head Coach JV)
                               Barstow Aztecs (Head Coach - Youth Football)

Robert Metzger               
Specialty: OL/DL l LB l Strength Training
Coaching Experience: Oak Hills HS (current OL - Varsity)
                               Barstow HS (Head Coach - Frosh)
                               Barstow HS (OL/DL - Varsity)

Marcus Anderson               
Specialty: RB l DB 
Playing Experience: Mt San Antonio College (RB/SS)
Coaching Experience: 
DC, Victorville Cowboys (Youth Football - Victorville, CA)
                               Head Coach, Junior All-American, Pomona, CA
                               Head Coach, Junior All-American, Walnut, CA

Jay Thompson

Specialty: QB l WR l DB l LB l OL
Coaching Experience: OC, Barstow HS (JV)
                               HC, Youth Football

Mike Holland
Specialty: DL l LB
Coaching Experience: Barstow HS (DC -JV)
                               Barstow Aztecs (DL/LB - Youth Football)

David Depue  
Specialty: OL/DL
Coaching Experience: Barstow Riffians (Semi-Pro) (OL/DL)
                               Barstow Aztecs (OL/DL - Youth Football)

Kevin Depue
Specialty: OL/DL
Coaching Experience: Barstow HS (OL/DL)
                               Barstow Aztecs (OL/DL - Youth Football)

Dave Van Norman
Specialty: OL/DL l Strength Training
Coaching Experience: Barstow Aztecs (Head C,oach - Youth Football)
                               Barstow Aztecs (OL/DL)

Robert Whipple
Specialty: OL/DL 
Coaching Experience: Barstow Aztecs (Youth Football)

"Coaches who can outline plays on a black board are a dime a dozen.
Coaches who win are the ones who can motivate their players."

Vince Lombardi, Head Coach, Green Bay Packers (1959-1967)

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