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Football Camps


To get better, that's the goal.  Be it youth or high school.

Because you know your athletes and what they need, our game plan starts with examining those needs and customizing a training event to meet them. 


At a minimum, players will receive instruction in the core fundamentals and in the specific skills and techniques needed to play their position.  Where possible, the drills we use will simulate game-like conditions, while each period of instruction will be structured so that they get a high number of reps in a non-contact, pressure-free environment.    


Our camps are designed to be a learning experience and fun, so we expect young athletes to make mistakes.  But we also expect them to try again.  That and a kind word will work wonders in developing an indivdual's confidence.


Safety, however, will be the overriding principal governing our unique approach.


As we instruct your players on skills and techniques, we will work diligently to instill in each an understanding of the hazards involved in playing the game and how they can minimize major injuries through proper conditioning and the execution of fundamentals.


Collectively, our staff of outstanding pro, college and high school coaches has 126-years of playing and coaching experience, and still we are students of the game, ever improving our craft and knowledge.  


We love the game and are passionate about teaching it, so give us a call and let's discuss your organization's needs and wants.  At CSI, we're always ready and willing to talk some football.

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Yucca Valley Lobos
Twenty-Nine Palms Marine Base 

"…tell everyone or anyone that has ever doubted, thought they did not measure up or wanted to quit,
you tell them to look up, get up and don't ever give up."

Michael Irvin, WR, Dallas Cowboys, Hall of Fame Induction Speech

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