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CPR/First Aid





A recent survey found that among athletes ages 5 to 14, 15 percent of basketball players, 28 percent of football players, 22 percent of soccer players, 25 percent of baseball players and 12 percent of softball players were injured while playing their respective sport.

Football-related injuries accounted for almost 185,700 children ages 5 to 14 being treated in hospital emergency rooms.

Players get hurt. Some injured.  Anyone who works with young athletes needs to know how to respond correctly when it happens.  Formal training in sports safety and First Aid/CPR is the solution and should be required, especially in today's litigous climate.

Additionally, parents of young athletes should consider the need to familiarize themselves with CPR and Basic First Aid techniques as they relate to their child's chosen sport.

Our First Aid and CPR course teaches both, most especially Basic Life Support, to a variety of audiences. The course is taught by a certified Red Cross instructor and is available through CSI for $35.00 per person plus $5.00 for a training book. 

To schedule a CPR/First Aid class for your coaches, staff, and parents, call:

John Williams
CSI Football
(760) 902-4087

Kellie Ruger
Red Cross Instructor
Daytime phone: (760) 949-9349
Evening phone: (760) 885-9764

Clinic Highlights --

. Emergency Action Plan
. Check, Care, Call
. Heat-related injuries
. First Aid/CPR Certification
. First Aid Kit
. Environmental Safety
. Grading tool for athletic injuries
. Documenting athletic injuries
. Equipment care
. R.I.C.E. = Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation

Sample Clinic --

CPR/Red Cross Certification (08/21)
High Desert Youth Football and Cheer Clinic - Victorville, CA
Chapter: High Desert Jackrabbits



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Maya Angelou, American Poet 

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