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Background Checks


If you're not performing yearly background checks on your coaches, administrators or anyone else who comes into routine or daily contact with your kids, then you are putting them at risk.

To help reduce your costs, concerns, and liability, CSI has partnered with COEUS GLOBAL -- a national leader in background investigations -- to provide you with the means to conduct timely and thorough background checks on all your volunteers and employees, regardless of position. 

- G
HERE for more information and/or to register your organization with COEUS GLOBAL.
  . Scroll down and click on the "ACT NOW" button. 
  . Requests
for background checks can not be submitted until your organization is registered.  Registration is simple and free.

- Go 
HERE to submit your background check requests.
  . Scroll down to the map and click on California.  A list of organizations that have registered with COEUS GLOBAL will appear.
  . Scroll down again to your chapter or organization and click on it.  A separate page will load on which you will find the submission form.
  . The form will only appear if you have Java downloaded into your system.  If you don't, go 
HERE to download the software for free.
  . This is a secure site.  The information submitted is privacy-protected and not resold.

Remember, when it comes to the security of your kids and your program: be safe, be sure, be informed.
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