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Welcome to CSI Football.  We are teachers.

What we teach is listed below. What you'll see is that it goes beyond simple skills and drills and encompasses
more than your average football camp:

- Training on the skills and techniques needed to be successful at a specific position. 
- Cheer clinic run concurrently by active or former NFL cheerleaders.
- Speed training by a nationally-recognized trainer.
- Onsite coach's certification that can reduce your liability and increase player safety.
- Onsite CPR/Red Cross certification for your coaches and any interested parent.
- A football orientation class specially-designed for Moms.
- An orientation class specifically designed for coaches new to the game.
- Private, individual training at a specific position by a certified instructor.
- Motivational speakers whose stories of success can inspire your youth.
- Autograph and picture sessions with pro players and cheerleaders.

All of this we can do and more but before we teach, we listen -- to you.  We learn what your needs are then we
combine them with your wants and wishes into a custom-designed training
event that addresses your overall

We do it all and we bring it to where you live
.  Because you choose what subjects are taught, a training event -
more than a camp or clinic - is tailored to your unique and special needs.  The result is that your program's weak-
nesses are improved while your overall skills and abilities are enhanced.

And because you do it at one time, you will save time and money.  Two things that are in short supply nowadays.

So, when your time permits, give us a call and let's talk some football.  Let's set up a training event specially de-
signed for your program's needs

Last Event: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp l Oxnard, CA l August 12, 2012
Featuring: Chris Hayes l Super Bowl Champion (Green Bay Packers) and a host of Dallas Cowboys




"A good coach will make players see what they can be rather than what they are."
Ara Parseghian, HC, University of Notre Dame (1964-1974) 

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